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We are still in the process of building the Kumankaya Project! Our goal is not to make money; our only goal is to create a safe place for people to heal: whether it's on a physical, psycho-emotional or spiritual level.

We want participation at our Center to be donation-based. Doing so, we can help more individuals. In this way, traditional healing will not be reserved for just those who have the financial means. However, we ask for a confirmation deposit of $80.00 a day. The medicines and the healing we provide is donation based, but we ask for a conscientious donation. We really do believe health and well-being to be a birth right and not a financial privilege.


For those who are interested in supporting this project, you can make a donation by clicking on the button below. We can also provide cryptocurrencies wallet addresses (BTC, BCH, EOS, etc.) via email upon request (kumankaya@gmail.com) for those who are already shaping the future! With donations, we employ people from the Mayan communities around to help us.

Please, just consider that by helping build our project, you're participating positively in the creation of a safe and beautiful space, in the middle of the Mayan jungle, where people can again find their true selves and discover their service to life. The world is only going to get better if we work together.

Thank you very much! Generosity and gratitude are the only real forces.

"The mind enriches itself from what it receives, the heart from what it gives"

Victor Hugo