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We bought 25 acres of Mayan jungle located at less than 20 minutes driving from Felipe Carrillo Puerto in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. It is about 45 minutes driving south from Tulum. The land is close to the Seven Colors Lake, which is known for its beauty, and surrounded by several cenotes. Felipe Carrillo Puerto is the Mayan cultural capitol of the Yucatan. Our land is pristine, virgin jungle. Why this location? We chose this specific location because of solitude, the jungle energy with its abundant flora and fauna and especially because all the plant medicines that we need for healing will grow here, which means in a couple of years, we will be completely self sufficient. 

We have cleared steadily this rich jungle and started building the first facilities. We dug a well to provide a stable source of water, which is plentiful in the ground. We will use solar panels in the future to provide the energy needed for our facilities and an antenna for connectivity. We already have 3 bungalows and our ceremonial space, the maloka, is under construction now. We want these buildings to be as eco-conscious as possible, made in the traditional way while also providing minimal modern comforts. 


Our vision is to create a holistic healing space based on the knowledge of traditional plant medicine and modern healing practices. We want to provide people with different kinds of retreats: traditional plant diet, yoga / meditation classes, silent contemplations, detoxifying cleanses, and holistic breath practices. We will also work with different traditional medicines: Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro, and Toad medicines (both Kambo and Sonoran Toad). Other services available will be the Temazcal, massage, flower baths and more.  Basically, our goal is to be able to offer guests all different modalities of healing based on individual needs. For those who are simply just curious, we will propose alternative mind-opening tools, for curiosity is necessary to shift the paradigm of our modern world. 

The ethos of our project is essential. As for any kind of shamanic act, intention is foundational: It shapes perception, and at the root of any reality lies a spiritual vision that informs it.  That is also why we wish, against all odds, to offer these services on donation-based participation. This is center to our philosophy. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. The philosophy of donation-based participation is, in fact, consensual: If someone gives money, without even knowing it, that person is helping another receive healing that one wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. Though we ask for a minimum security deposit to book your place, we accept donations only for the healings received and additional services provided.